Guadalupe Catholic School

1923 Orense St., Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City

Guadalupe Catholic School is an expression of the mission entrusted by Christ to the Church He founded. Through education, the school seeks to prepare the GCS community to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action.

History of the SchoolThe Academe : History


Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, which was declared as Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe on September 8, 2002 and proclaimed as a National Shrine on May 31, 2010, is located in the metropolitan district of Makati highlighted by a modern commercial complex, big public market, office establishments and a sprawling residential sector.

In the early eighties, secondary educational establishments in the parish and the outlying areas are very limited despite its large and heavily populated territorial district. To date, it is the only parochial school in the City of Makati. Right within the territorial limits of the parish, four public elementary schools can be found and one private school that offers (then) elementary education. There were then very few schools that offer secondary education. Thus, many students preferred to enroll in the nearby districts of Sta. Ana or Paco in Manila, or in Pateros, Mandaluyong, Pasay and Cubao.

Recognizing the relevant need for a parochial school, the parish priest, Msgr. Severino Anatalio in consultation with the school directors and friends in MAPSA studied the feasibility of establishing a high school. Thus, in July 1983, a project proposal was submitted by Msgr. Anatalio to Bishop Leonardo Legaspi who was then the chairman of MAPSA. Bishop Legaspi presented the proposal to the Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal Sin, who finally granted the Approval to the operation of Guadalupe Catholic School.

GCS saw its beginning in school year 1984-85 when it opened its doors to students at the freshmen high school level only. Also in the same school year the parish pre-school which started informally in 1982, became a component of Guadalupe Catholic School. For twenty years, GCS offered pre-school and high school education.

However, during the celebration of the 20 th Founding Anniversary of the school in 2004-2005, it started accepting Grade 1 pupils. In March 2010, it had its first batch of grade school graduates.

The following school directors:

Msgr. Severino G. Anatalio, Msgr. Vicente R. Dacuycuy, Jr., Msgr. Albert G. Salonga, Jr., Msgr. Daniel B. Sta. Maria, Msgr. Salvador R. Jose, Msgr. Mario D. Enriquez, and Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla and school principals: Ms. Zenaida C. Cabrera, Ms. Ma. Remedios M. Angcay, Mrs. Antonita F. Dechavez, Fr. Isidro T. Marinay, Fr. Alfonso Valeza, Mrs. Leonora T. Brazil and Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla have contributed to the success of the school for the past twenty-seven years.


The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Early morning of December 9, 1531, the FIRST apparition of Our Lady, Juan Diego was on his way to Mass. As he walked the hill in Tepeyac, he heard a voice singing and looking up he saw a beautiful, young lady speaking:

"You must know that I am truly the perpetual and perfect Virgin Mary . . .

"I am your merciful Mother . . . the Mother of all Mankind . . .

"Here, I will hear their weeping, their sorrow and will remedy and alleviate their

suffering, necessities and misfortune . . ."

On that same morning of December 9, Juan Diego goes to Bishop Zumarraga as commanded by Our Lady and delivered her message. Not surprised at all, the Bishop responded with pious caution and told Juan Diego to come back another time.

Juan Diego returned to the hill of Tepeyac at about sunset of the same day. Our Lady appeared the SECOND time, exactly as he had seen her at dawn. Juan Diego urged her to send someone else more distinguished to the Bishop saying:

"I am only a poor man, I am not worthy of being there where you send me. Pardon me, my Queen, I do not want to make your noble heart sad. I do not want to fall into displeasure."

But Our Lady told him that it was he, and no other, that she wished to send. She commands him to go back to Bishop Zumarraga the following day. Juan Diego left her, calling her:

"My dear one, My Lady . . ."

The next day, December 10, a Sunday, Juan Diego went again to the Bishop's house and after much difficulty with the guards, gained admittance. The Bishop questioned him, more impressed this time. But the Bishop explained that Our Lady must provide a SIGN that she really was the Mother of God.

The Bishop then sent two attendants to follow and spy on Juan Diego, but they lost his track. At sunset of December 10, Juan Diego was back on the hill of Tepeyac to report to Our lady who was already waiting for him. He informed her that the Bishop was asking for a SIGN. Our Lady, of course, knew what SIGN the Bishop was asking. This was her THIRD apparition. Our Lady assured Juan Diego that she would give him the sign the Bishop was asking for the next day. After conversing with Our Lady, Juan Diego went home. That evening upon arrival, he found his uncle, Juan Bernardino, very ill.

All day the next day, December 11, he cared for his uncle, missing his appointment with Our Lady and Bishop Zumarraga. Juan Bernardino, thinking he was going to die, told his nephew to fetch a priest the next day for the Last Sacrament.

On December 12, Tuesday, Juan Diego started out and intentionally avoided passing the top of Tepeyac hill out of fear and embarrassment because he had not kept his promise to return there to meet Our Lady the previous day. Also, he did not want to be delayed by Our Lady from fetching a priest since he believed so much in the importance of the Last Sacrament for the dying. But while passing the other side of the hill to avoid Our Lady, Juan Diego was surprised to meet her along his path. This was her FOURTH apparition.

Our Lady asked him where he was going. He explained about his sick uncle and how he was busy caring for him the previous day. Our Lady said:

"Listen and be sure, my dear son, that I will protect you: do not be frightened or grieve

or let your heart be dismayed . . .

"Am I not here, who am your Mother, and is not my help a refuge . . .

"Be assured, he is already well . . .

"Is there anything else that you need?"

And even as Our Lady spoke she appeared to Juan Bernardino and cured him.

On the same day, December 12, Our Lady then told Juan Diego to climb the hill where only cactus, thistles and thorn bush grew. Juan Diego has never seen a flower there. But when he reached the top, it was covered with beautiful Castilian roses, wet with dew and of exquisite fragrance.

After Juan Diego had gathered the roses, he took them to Our Lady who arranged them with her own hands in his tilma and tied a knot behind his neck to hold the roses in place. Then Our Lady said:

"This is the SIGN that you must take to the Bishop . . .

"In my name tell him that with this he will see and recognize my will and that he

must do what I ask . . .

"He will see that the Church is built for which I ask."

Juan Diego arrived at the Bishop's house on the same day. He was again kept waiting. The attendants forced Juan Diego to show them what he was keeping in his tilma. But what they saw were mere "printed or embroidered roses."

Finally admitted to the Bishop's presence, Juan Diego opened his cloak. The fresh and beautiful roses cascaded to the floor. And behold, a full portrait of Our Lady began to appear on the tilma right before the eyes of the Bishop, as if painted by heavenly hands.

In the imprint, Our Lady had her hands joined in prayer, her soft black hair falling gently upon her shoulders use her cape and framing the perfect oval of her face with slightly close eyes and a light smile . . . a miraculous legacy for all generation to see and know the TRUE FACE of Our Lady.

Seeing the SIGN he had asked for, the Castilian roses, and beholding the miraculous imprinting of Our lady's image on the tilma before his own eyes, Bishop Zumarraga fell to his knees. Before him was the True Image and Form of Our Lady, her own self-portrait. He wept as he prayed for forgiveness for having doubted her and her messenger, Juan Diego.

It seemed that when Juan Diego opened his tilma and the roses fell to the floor, Our Lady who was behind Bishop Zumarraga, facing Juan Diego, allowed her image to be imprinted on the tilma as if reflected on a mirror. But she was there as a silent witness to the unfolding event, unseen by all including Juan Diego.

Regaining his composure, the Bishop reverently removed the tilma from Juan Diego and enshrined it in his private chapel.

Juan Diego remained with Bishop Zumarraga that evening narrating the events of the last few days. Both were filled with wonder at the things God had brought in their midst.

In two weeks time, an adobe chapel was erected to house the tilma for public veneration. It was dedicated by Bishop Zumarraga on December 26, 1531.

From that time on, everybody came to venerate the surprisingly beautiful image . . . and people had been coming ever since – day and night, season after season, century after century.

Later, the Church proclaimed Our Lady under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americans. In 1935, Our Lady of Guadalupe was formally proclaimed as the Patroness of the Philippine Islands.


Tuesday,  April 03

SCHEDULE OF ENTRANCE EXAMINATION April 5, 16, 19, and 24, 2018 8:30 AM (Junior High School) 9:00 AM (ECE and Grade School )

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Saturday,  November 18

Third Open House / Issuance of Report Cards

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